Powador 3200 – 6600

Powador 3200 – 6600

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The standard: reliable and durable.

The Powador 3200 to Powador 6600 solar PV inverters are transformerless, single-phase units with AC powers ranging from 2.6 kVA, 3.45 kVA,
3.6 kVA, 4.4 kVA, 4.6 kVA to 5.5 kVA.

They are the first choice when it comes to designing residential solar power plants with easy installation and maintenance in mind.


The solar PV inverters of the Powador 00 series have withstood the test of time with flying colours. They are in service all over the world in all regions and climates and are delivering far above average solar yields.

Global players

The Powador 3200 to 6600 inverters are made to be quickly installed in any country thanks to

  • compliance with most grid standards around the world
  • preconfigured country settings that can easily be selected on-site
  • a menu language that can be chosen regardless of the country setting

Flexible and reliable

The inverters contain a single- or three-phase monitoring system conforming to VDE0126-1-1, including an AC/DC-sensitive residual current protector. They can thus be connected to the grid without any additional measures, even in PV systems with several inverters. In addition, the Powador 3200 to 6600 operate using purely passive cooling that makes them ideal for hot, dusty locations – no fans, no problems, just long service life.

These inverters are available with Powador-priwatt to manage the self-use of your solar generated power.



  • Silent, maintenance-free convection cooling
  • Durable components and approved technology
  • Integrated, potential-free fault signal


  • Wide MPP range
  • Sym-Bus to balance the loads of several inverters
  • 3-phase monitoring

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